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Ranger Properties offers the full scope of management services, from lease negotiations, rent collection and contract negotiation, to day-to-day upkeep and preventive maintenance. We also have the construction experience to oversee tenant improvements and renovations of any type or size.

Our team brings more than 35 years experience operating properties. We manage a broad spectrum of property types including office, retail, hotel, and residential properties. Every property is viewed from an ownership perspective. We are intensely focused on the bottom line and strive to maximize a property’s value with every decision we make.

Ever focused on operating costs, we carefully scrutinize operating results for accuracy and conformance to budgets. More importantly, we monitor operating costs with a careful eye on details. Inasmuch as most property level costs for commercial properties are charged to tenants as additional rent, the firm’s philosophy is to deliver added value to the tenants where the value is appreciated— such as new or improved amenities or service quality.

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