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Mission and values:

Ranger Properties’ mission is to improve the quality of life and equity for our clients and communities through projects with the highest standards in superior design, energy efficiency, and excellent project management.

We measure our success not only by the initial construction cost of property development but by the long-term life-cycle costs. We consider the health benefits of a well-built home in air quality and free of artificial pollutants, the out-of-pocket costs our tenants spend on heating, cooling and lighting as well as the costs of construction manufacturing and waste disposal to the environment. We also strike a balance between traditional methods and innovative architecture and engineering. Excellent design is organic both in terms of use of natural products and sustainable objectives but it is also manifested in clients finding new things to appreciate about a home or an office every day, year after year. We strive to design and build to LEED standards.

A commitment to equitable and sustainable affordable housing
Affordable housing is a key element of thriving communities which are diverse, equitable, and sustainable. As a company with deep roots in NYC and decades of experience in DC and Philadelphia, Ranger believes strongly that it is important to address the affordable housing crisis in urban centers and especially in New York City. Ranger is committed to addressing the inequity of the housing market by improving the availability and quality of affordable housing for lower income residents. In 2016, Ranger launched a new Affordable Housing initiative, with the goal that at least 25% of its active projects will be affordable housing. It is presently negotiating to purchase development sites in the commercial market as well as competing to win sites for affordable housing developments in New York City from public agencies.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in all aspects of our work.
Ranger’s team brings together expertise and knowledge from a range of fields and backgrounds. Our diversity of experiences makes us stronger and more nimble in responding to the demands and needs of the market and the communities where we build and manage properties. We work with Minority and Women Owned Businesses and hire locally from the community to give all an opportunity to participate in our projects and ensure equity from start to finish.

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